Drop Ship

For your convenience, Divine Embellishments D.E. will drop ship our beautiful items and accessories directly to your customers saving you time and money. It eliminates the step of shipping orders to your store or distribution center, saving you freight materials, storage and labor costs. We maintain stock on almost all of our inventory to offer the fastest possible drop shipping service for you and your clients. We stock and package so you don't have to. With many years experience, you can trust D.E. to bring you and your customers a vast selection of best-selling gifts and much more with our unmatched level of excellence and professionalism
Build Your Business Name
1.  All drop shipments will have your store name on the return address so your customers will know that the parcel is coming from your store. (Note that the street address below your store name will be our warehouse address in case the parcel is undeliverable.) 
2.  No invoice will be included in the parcel.  
3.  If you wish to furnish us with your own packing slip to include in the drop shipment, please type that into the comments/instructions section at checkout and then email us your packing slip as soon as possible.

Drop Shipping in the US only
Divine Embellishments Drop Shipping Service is available Worldwide starting 2015.
What sites am I limited to Selling on?
There are no limitations or restrictions. You may sell our items on any site you choose. You are responsible for processing any returns with your customer. If you have any questions please contact us.
Is there a fee?
We no longer charge a Drop Ship Fee. This service is now Free!  Drop ship services saves an entire step for you, however it does increase our labor and packaging costs. For example, with direct to consumer shipments, instead of one large order shipping to one distribution center (for you to handle), there are thousands of individual orders with different destinations. That translates to more people and materials to ship those smaller individual orders. 
How can I get more information?
Please call us 24/7 at 209-353-1094 or use the Contact Page or via email info@DivineEmbellishments.com  customer service specialists with a brief description of your drop ship requirements. Our sales associates will be in touch with you regarding pricing and terms.

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